How To Take A Snowflake Selfie / by Kristen Harlow Stone



  1. Selfie Stick

  2. 28 Foot PVC Pole

  3. Two Smart Phones

  4. Stabilizing Ropes

  5. Wood Stake

  6. Velcro Cables

  7. Tarp

  8. 8 Employees


  1. Two Smart Phones

  2. Team Viewer App

  3. Bluetooth Remote Shutter


  1. Arrive to work in your finest holiday attire

  2. Construct pole from PVC piping, fasten selfie-stick to end

  3. Using Team Viewer app, access Samsung Galaxy from IPhone on the ground

  4. Place PVC selfie pole on wood stake in ground

  5. Attach stabilizing ropes and velcro cables to support structure (trellis)

  6. Locate center of snowflake

  7. Arrange employees in snowflake pattern

  8. Ensure proper phone camera angle using Team Viewer app

  9. Take photos using Bluetooth remote shutter

  10. Digitally enhance photo

  11. Add Drone to Christmas list