Roosevelt Plaza Park - They Healthy Pop-up

Camden, NJ

Roosevelt Plaza Park is located in front of City Hall in downtown Camden.  The once underutilized space has attracted many of the city’s residents, students, and workers due to the successful iterations that sought to enliven the park for the past three years.  This summer's installation incorporates a focus on health and wellness highlighting the Horizon Healthy Camden series, which is funded by the Horizon Foundation of New Jersey and supported by the City of Camden and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership.   The series aims to create a healthier environment by providing Camden’s families with opportunities for safe and sustainable outdoor living.  “The Healthy Pop-up” gives residents an opportunity to get active by using their own physical power while observing the power of water and wind.  Visitors can use orange-colored treadle pumps, that work like a stair-climber machine, to pump water and turn the bicycle wheel sculpture mounted in the rain curtain fountain from the 2015 installation. The healthy pop-up adds plantings that Camden residents can grow in kitchen gardens at home, including sunflowers, climbing gourds, a variety of culinary herbs, and several plants to attract pollinator species such as Cosmos and Echinacea. Additionally, park visitors can observe the power of wind spinning the various windmills in the park built from reused bicycle parts. These sculptural elements add to the tranquility of the park space which has attracted so many users over the past three iterations.

CLIENT:  Cooper's Ferry Partnership and the City of Camden

PROJECT COLLABORATORS:  Group Melvin Design and New American Public Art