Urban Design

Exciting news! by Rosa Mannion

Roosevelt Plaza Park Pop-up is featured in February's edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine.  Congratulations to our team:  Cooper's Ferry Partnership, Group Melvin Design and New American Public Art.

New Jersey Planning Conference by Rosa Mannion

Joe Sikora presents at the New Jersey Planning Conference on January 30, 2015 about uncovering the possibilities for public space in Camden, using Roosevelt Plaza Park Pop-up as a case study.  He is joined by AJ Jensen, Cooper's Ferry Development, and Ben Bryant, Group Melvin Design.

Mackay Park by Rosa Mannion

Working with community stakeholders and residents of Englewood in January 2015, Joe Sikora and Diana Fernandez lead a visioning workshop about transforming Mackay Park into a more vibrant, safe and inclusive community Park.  Mackay Park is the city's largest public green space and is located near the downtown center.  The process not only involves creating a shared vision for the park, but it is also building a Friends of the Park group.