Nittany Lights / by Rosa Mannion

On September 23rd thru the 25th, our own Dan Chieco participated in Nittany Lights 2016. Established in 2006, the Nittany Lights Landscape Lighting Workshop is a 3-day event that brings lighting professionals, designers and architectural engineering students (who are specializing in lighting) together to create lighting installations on Penn State's University Park Campus.  Teams of students and volunteering professionals are formed.  Once the teams are formed they are assigned an outdoor space on campus.  Each team comes up with a theme for their space, and how lighting can be used to accomplish their concept.  Light fixtures, provided by vendors, are selected by each team during a timed auction process.  After a day of setting up all the fixtures and associated equipment in the field, the entire group walks through each teams’ space at night.  Check out the photos of Dan's team below: